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Who has the best affordable health insurance?

Let’s first talk affordable vs cheap. Affordable is about value for a reasonable price.

Affordable is good! Cheap though translates to low quality and lack of coverage.

If your monthly premium seems too good to be true, it probably is! Common plans that have cheap monthly premiums that I recommend avoiding:

-Indemnity plans: These plans do not have major medical coverage. They will pay a specified amount towards routine medical costs.

-Cost-share programs: These programs are not health insurance. They are not required to pay medical claims and will not cover pre-existing conditions.

-Short-Term: Unless you truly need coverage to bridge a gap of fewer than 3 months, avoid short-term policies. Otherwise, you risk being dropped after a medical claim or having to meet a deductible multiples times throughout the year to receive benefits.

My goal for all clients is to find them the best affordable coverage within their budget. Coverage that will pay for day-to-day medical expenses and catastrophic. After all, that is the point of insurance!

Want to find the best affordable health insurance for you? 816-837-0020.

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